hi there!

First of all, thank you so much for being here and checking out my work! My sweet little family and I just moved to Fort Worth, Texas from a small oilfield town in New Mexico. It has been so good for us to venture off and create a new, exciting life for our family. If I'm not hanging out with my fam in our little back yard oasis, you'll most likely find me catching up on one of my favorite series - seriously my guilty pleasure. I love light and warm weather, which is why we spend so much time in our back yard. I say my fair share of cuss words, and enjoy doing things that I have never done before. If there is a gorgeous sunset, I'll almost always capture it even if it's just on my iPhone. I love music and singing loudly (and terribly) in my kitchen with my six year old. Self growth is always on my mind, I truly believe everyone has the power to grow into a better person every single day. Other than all of that I am a pretty laid back kind of person, I'm not high maintenance - I just like to have a good time!

my little fam by jessi marie photography


Stephanie Foutch

“Courtney is an amazing photographer! I would recommend her to anyone! My son is 19M old and he is not to fond of the camera and I always worry that she may get frustrated and she never ever does! She always reassures me that it's okay! She takes her time with him and makes us all feel so comfortable! I couldn't ask for a better photographer for my little family! Thank you for everything you do Courtney!”

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